September 2014 – Aspira Corporation Opens its office in HONG KONG

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Aspira office, Hong Kong, September 1, 2014; If you travel to Hong Kong, chances are you will take the train from the airport to the city. While on the train, the first stop leaving the airport is Tsingyi. This area is known as the New Territory. You will not find expensive clothing and jewelry shops, but you will find the most prestigious Import/Export company address in the world. One short walk from the train stop will take you to Aspira’s beautiful and professional new Asia Headquarters. And you’re invited to stop by!

With views of the harbour and the ship docking and unloading facilities, you will quickly see why Aspira chose this prime location central to all Asian business. Once inside, you will notice that “brand new” smell. This remodel of the office space was not just a fresh coat of paint. The remodel and buildout took four months and around-the-clock construction work to transform it into the state-of-the-art wine and food pairing facility it is today.

Office_featuresized2The first thing you will notice is the stainless steel industrial kitchen, designed to accommodate any type of special presentation; pairing of wine and food is the idea! Did I mention the custom floors throughout, that give the entire space a solid and earthy yet refined look and feel? The idea was to create a space that could accommodate a few intimate wine tasting moments or a large party that needs to have plenty of quality wine and great food to go along with it.

Office_featuresized3Keeping large quantities of samples on hand for tasting is the purpose of the industrial sized sample storage locker. Equipped with state of the art temperature controls, the Aspira wines that are stored there are assured to be in the original high quality condition our winemaker intended them to be, the day the bottle was sealed. There are easily over 9,000 miles between California where they are bottled and Hong Kong where they are intended to be tasted.

Aspira is proud to have such a facility, and to keep everything in perfect order, Bong Ha, Aspira’s Co-Founder and COO keeps his offices in this commercially perfect location. So, when in Hong Kong and you hear “Tsingyi” on the intercom of the train, go ahead and get off and and come see what words can’t really describe.  If you don’t stop, at least look out the window and give us a little smile… 🙂

Aspira Brands Offices: USA OFFICE 3463 State Street Suite 311 Santa Barbara, California 93105 United States. HONG KONG OFFICE 1210, Block B, Vigor Industrial Building, 14-20 Cheung Tat Road, Tsingyi, New Territories, Hong Kong.

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On September 1, 2014

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