February 2015 – ASPIRA BRANDS ADDS “ELEMENTUM” TO WINE PORTFOLIO Expands Into Larger Facility in the Heart of California Wine Country

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ElementumLompoc_featuresized2Elementum Winery, Lompoc, California, February 1, 2015;  We knew that the Chinese market would be a fast moving target, but how fast was anyone’s guess. With the launch of Aspira’s second major brand “ELEMENTUM,” we chose to move to even a bigger production facility with a greater bottling and storage area. Based on “Sunterra” and its success, we knew if we stayed in our original location we may not be able to maintain our high standards of over delivering on package, product, and price.



ElementumLompoc_featuresized4John Kochis Co-Founder and CEO of Aspira says even though this first bottling of “ELEMENTUM” is only 13,200 bottles (1100 cases), it is an important one. John knows that moving to a new facility always has its difficulties. We now have room, which means we have greater bottling and storage capabilities. He points out that the Aspira model is about quick, on-demand fulfillment, but with our fast growth we have found that we need the extra room.

With more wine storage and tank space, we are able to produce and store our wines more efficiently. That way, when the order is consummated, we can fulfill it right then and there. For Aspira, the better we can maintain the taste and quality, the better we can expect repeat sales. John goes on to say, “Today’s consumer is smart. When they find a good bottle and it drinks well, they will come back for more.” He also points out that when the consumer purchases the wine a second or third time, “if it’s not the same pleasant taste and quality, you may lose that consumer forever.” So a great deal of attention is given to this. This is why, John says, “it’s this new larger state-of-the-art facility that gives us the confidence we can deliver the first time and every time thereafter.”

ElementumLompoc_featuresized3“Today is the shakeout of the new facility and everyone is ready,” states Dax Logue Co-Founder and CMO. “We are testing all systems to see what might be a challenge, with that said everything is running along nicely…we try to anticipate the hiccups and we have the expertise in house to keep everything moving.  With this new facility, we have lots of room to scale and meet our growing demand.”

Aspira Brands Offices: USA OFFICE 3463 State Street Suite 311 Santa Barbara, California 93105 United States. HONG KONG OFFICE 1210, Block B, Vigor Industrial Building, 14-20 Cheung Tat Road, Tsingyi, New Territories, Hong Kong.


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