August 2014 – ASPIRA BRANDS LAUNCHES SUNTERRA FOR CHINA – Inaugural Wine Release Focuses on California

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Sunterra Winery, Santa Ynez California, August 1 2014;  What started off as an idea to take high quality California wine at the right price to China, for the up and coming new wine drinker, has become a reality today.

From the time the China market opened in the mid 1980’s until now, its never been a guarantee that alcoholic beverages like wine would become popular. For thousands of years, the Chinese culture has not used wine or any drink other than tea during meals or social events.

“Times have changed” says John Kochis Co-Founder and CEO of Aspira Brands (USA). China just earned the title as the number one consumer of “Red Wine” in the world in 2013. “Granted, a small number in China is a huge number to the rest of the world,” John goes on to say this is the case with red wine consumption. “Even though the per capita consumption is minute compared to France and even the U.S., it is still a very impressive number.”

Sunterra_featuresized1Aspira Brands is launching its first wine brand in China, “Sunterra”, and it is made for the new, younger, upwardly-mobile Chinese consumer. John makes it clear, “…when you combine affordable price, taste and the California lifestyle in a bottle of wine, it’s not hard to see that the young educated Chinese consumer will be drawn to it.”

“Today we are bottling 4 containers (52,000 bottles) that are shipping to two of our distributors in China,” John states,“…these are small orders for Aspira, but they are a first so we are extremely excited!  We have multiple distributors in different Tier One cities in China and we will be running fulfillment like this on a regular basis moving forward.”

Aspira knows that it’s not only selling wine to China, but it is also creating jobs for Americans. Dax Logue Co-Founder and CMO says, “For decades I have been building consumable items in China for the American consumer, now it’s our turn to sell to China.” Logue feels it’s time to put America back in the driver’s seat.

Aspira Brands Offices: USA OFFICE 3463 State Street Suite 311 Santa Barbara, California 93105 United States. HONG KONG OFFICE 1210, Block B, Vigor Industrial Building, 14-20 Cheung Tat Road, Tsingyi, New Territories, Hong Kong.

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On August 1, 2014

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